Ikea Fronts

Bespoke Kitchens & Doors for Ikea Cabinets

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Kitchen and Furniture
custom built pieces for your home and kitchen
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Liven up your storage space with pegboard
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The workshop
built on the banks of the clyde in Glasgow
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The Workshop

The team at Three Four Five bring a background in the visual arts to their craft in the workshop.

Three Four Five Furniture was started in 2014 with the concept of making beautiful quality furniture. A large amount of determination, motivation and hard work has turned this dream into a reality. We now have clients all over Scotland and further afield to other parts of the UK.
At our busy workshop on the banks of the River Clyde we use digital manufacturing and traditional methods to design and produce high quality bespoke items.

Everything we produce is made to order and built to last; from the smallest projects items like a kitchen pegboard to an entire kitchen ronovation. Please contact us with your ideas and inspiration, we are happy to give you a free quote with no obligations.

Your Project

We're always looking for creative clients with big imaginations

Your New Kitchen

IKEA Fronts
Using IKEA's incredibly intuitive cabinet system to lay the foundation, we then use our expertise to really bring the project to life using unique design, paints and materials.

Working this way allows us to focus our time on the most important visuals of any kitchen while keeping costs down.

We will work closely with you to create your dream bespoke kitchen fabricated to look and fit exactly how you would like it; creating an ideal space for cooking and eating.

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Oak plywood handmade kitchen in the southside of Glasgow
Solid wood side table handmade by joiners in Glasgow

Your New Piece

Whether it's a new desk to begin studying, or a new wardrobe to hold all of that winter wear you don't have room for during summer, quality matters.

With a new decade starting at Three Four Five, we're hoping to have many opportunities to craft these unique pieces of furniture that will stand out in any home, office or shop.

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It's always one of our greatest pleasures to help another business begin its journey.

There's so much potential in a empty shop space, a new workshop or even a refurbished classroom, and working with a client to help realise it is incredibly rewarding. We make counters, display cabinets, reception desks, wall panels, seating areas and so much more.

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Custom made birch ply pegboards in a shop in Glasgow

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Recent Work

Let's get technical

We're focused on using modern technologies to create classic design.

We are nerds

We love woodworking machinery and are always trying to improve our methods, workflow, designs and material options.



We'll do the heavy lifting. That's what Steven's best at.