IKEA fronts

Bringing life to standard IKEA cabinets
Using IKEA intuitive cabinet system allows plenty of budget to really make those cabinet doors sing.

When it comes to modular cabinets IKEA units are a great basis to build on. Using modern technology practices and unique materials we bring innovative ideas that liven up an a new or an old space.


How we help make it easy

An INvite

We welcome and recommend a visit to our workshop where we will spend time showing you material samples and designs, giving you the opportunity to meet us and see what we do.


If you are unsure of how your kitchen will look we can offer you a visualization service, this allows you to play around with ideas giving you a clear vision of how your finished kitchen could look.

Measuring up

Once you have mapped out your layout with the IKEA planner simply share the shopping list and plan views with us along with your choice of material and handle style. We can provide you with a quote on fronts, infills, kickplates and any other components you need based on this information.

If you already have an IKEA kitchen and just want to replace the doors then send us your measurments and a rough drawing if possible.


A catalogue of our work

London Plane

London Plane is anything but plain! It has many beautiful aspects, such as colour and pattern.

European or American White Oak

If your after something "Oaky" , beautiful finish and hard wearing. European Oak or American White Oak can be used for all types of furniture or kitchen doors.


A golden to dark reddish brown colour, Sapele gives a rich and retro vibe. A fantastic choice for any furniture or kitchen if you love mid-century design.

Birch Plywood

A lovely neutral wood surface, with excellent structural properties. Due to its strong core it lends itself to any handle design. Choose from plain Birch Plywood or a selection of veneers - Oak, Ash, London Plane, Sapele & more.


One of our all time favourites. Looks funky as a backdrop to any space and has so many practical uses - try adding shelves, or use it as wall panels. The options are endless.

Laminates and Edge Banding

Laminate to Birch Ply, chipboard or MDF substraights edged with matching or contrasting material, for endless possibilities.

Soft wood ply

Heavily textures, Spruce or Pinewood, looks brilliant with a natural finish or painted with eggshell.


A dense wood fibre that comes in a variety of colours. Oiled for a lovely rich satin finish. Moisture resistant.

Hi - Macs

This material has great capabilities; it is functional, durable, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and is so hygienic. With these properties, solid surface material is able to meet the maximum standards known for a first-class construction material in the kitchen, the bathroom, as as living areas. The technical characteristics of HI-MACS® and the wide range of colours available provide every user the possibility of creative design.


Examples of costing
(inclusive of VAT)

These are guide prices: All incude kickplates and Face Panels

Small Kitchen

Cabinets and Drawers
Birch Plywood (varnished)
Valchromat (oiled)
Hardwood vaneers on MDF or Birch Plywood core

Medium Kitchen

Cabinets and Drawers
Birch Plywood (varnished)
Valchromat (oiled)
Hardwood Vaneers on MDF or Birch Plywood Core
A digital render of a kitchen layout

Large Kitchen

Cabinets and Drawers
Birch Plywood (varnished)
Valchromat (oiled)
Hardwood Vaneers on MDF or Birch Plywood Core

We exclusively supply and fabricate Solid Surface Worktops.
A blueprint of a kitchen layout

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