Kitchens + Furniture

We make Bespoke Kitchens and furniture to match your home
Use your space wisely and fill it with unique pieces of furniture.

It's easy to find pieces of furniture from stores that  fit your needs well, but what about a piece that's just perfect.

Whether it's a small stool, a contempory sideboard, or a fully fitted kitchen, why not make it exactly as you want it?

The Journey

How we manage the project


Part of the fun is exploring all the possibilities and forming an idea of what we can achieve with our clients.


In our workshop we begin planning and testing various ideas  until everyone is happy.


Delivery costs will be included in your quote and we will deliver directly to your door. We don't have an install service but make everything so that its straightforward for someone else to do that job.

Case Studies

Find some inspiration in our previous projects

Fewer words, more pictures

Recent Work
Feeling inspired?

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